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I was recently having flashbacks to the time when my wife and I first got married. No, I guess they weren’t really flashbacks, because that is something related to using LSD, a popular drug of that era. I know I wasn’t using drugs neither was she. For some reason I was remembering the early years of our marriage. Recalling the knee weakening changes that took place in my life style.

When we got married she had four daughters. That got me to thinking about using drugs later. This was in the mid-seventies, family movies were popular. I believe it was about the time they started rating movies PG, Family and so on. One night I suggested that we all go to a movie together as a family thing. So I asked my wife, ‘what movie do you want to go to?’ She says, “I don’t know ask the girls what they would like to see.” So they picked out this movie and we were all off to the movies. The new daddy was trying to shine, impress the family.

Just recently the name of that movie started going through my head. I believe it was one of the last movies that we saw together as a family. I really wasn’t into going to movies in those days so was not familiar with any movies that were playing. They wanted to see a Boy and His Dog. I thought, ‘now that title sounds like a nice family show, we will go see that one.’

The movie takes place after all the nuclear wars are over. The world was desolate, nothing to eat, the only people left was this boy and his dog and the boy’s girlfriend. They were roaming all over trying to survive, the two young people were madly in love with each other. They were in a dire situation, slowly, painfully starving to death, there was nothing left to eat anywhere.

Finally at the end of the movie the girl wasn’t in the picture anymore. The boy and his dog looked well fed now. They had just finished eating something. Then they walked off into the setting sun. I thought to myself, “That was no Walt Disney movie!” Nice choice girls! I didn’t let the girls decide which movies to see after that.

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