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All terrorist activity around the world seems to have ceased at the same time and looks like a very scary situation, peace is breaking out all over the world, fighting has stopped in the Near East in Mideast and the Far East.

If this continues all the countries will have to bring their armies home. This  situation has caught all the governments in the world off guard. How can we react to a world without wars going on. Something has to be done about this soon. It has been suggested that the United Nations will send people to different areas of the globe and try to understand and study what has caused this situation.

The stock markets around the world have taken a tumble no one knows for sure what to expect next, with no fighting there surely will be no sales of armaments and bombs around the globe. That has been a big part of the growing economies of many nations.

Iran has agreed to destroy all of their nuclear devices and abilities to produce them.

Israel has signed agreements with all of their neighbors about living in a land where everyone can come and go as they please. The borders will all be coming down soon the way it looks.

South Koreans are making regular daily trips across the border to visit their relatives in the North.

Russia is opening all of the borders for their people  all to be able to visit with relatives in the Ukraine, Romania and other neighboring countries.

China has invited Taiwan to take part in the government of China as equals, there will be free movement of trade and people between China and Taiwan now.

The European Union may possibly disband and there’ll be open trade and travel between all the countries and each one using their own currencies.

The outlook for the immediate future looks like a world that has been turned upside down and will have to learn to live with each other in peace, this has been a very shocking development that has taken place simultaneously.

For some unknown reason churches worldwide are overflowing with people seeking to understand what religion and a creator or a God are all about.

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      Happy new year to you and stay well.
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      That annual report it’s pretty impressive. I can see that you been a very busy girl getting all that done in the last year and making things grow like you have been. I’ve downloaded the URLs to your books is getting get begin to do some more reading time seems to be something that I got too much of, the biggest problem I don’t know how to use it. Sorry about sending that post, you should be able to deleted it on your end and I hope thank you again keep up the good work


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