Heart to Heart

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Daily Prompt: Young at Heart – if you can keep it on the way
What are your thoughts on aging? How will you stay young at heart as you get older?

My thoughts on aging parallel my thoughts on being young at heart. I believe you are young at heart or you are not young at heart. It is not something that you can acquire at the snap of the fingers. When you get older you won’t become instantly young at heart if you’re searching for it as a fountain of youth. You will have to go through the regular training program. That program involves loving and living your life, being happy every day. Not an easy task alone!

My idea of being young at heart can start at any time during someone’s life when they become happy in all circumstances so to speak, they find themselves feeling and being young at heart. It is a feeling of calm, peace, no fear, pure happiness. A lot of people have days filled with the emotions of worry about credit debt, health, money, relationships and many other distractions. A person who lets these things control his daily life won’t find himself feeling young at heart.

As we get older we might try things that younger people do in their lives. By doing their thing, we will become young by following their lifestyles. This will not work as older people will very soon run out of energy, or just plain keel over. An older fellow might go to dances every week and dance with the young ladies all night long. He is someone who is truly young at heart. If he was to bring his friend Bill and he decided to dance with all the young ladies the ambulance may have to come and take him away. He was not truly young at heart and he keeled over with a heart attack.

The best way we can try to stay young at heart as we get older is to have a regular daily exercise program. Don’t get older with outstanding credit debt, some savings and good medical insurance coverage will be a big help to keep stress away. We should also go dancing, have hobbies like playing cards, be reading, playing games, bingo, writing, blogging if you really get desperate.

As I get older, hope I don’t have to wear a name tag that says “I’M YOUNG AT HEART”. I’m hopeful that my outward appearance of how I walk, talk and interact with people will be reason enough for them to think that I’m young at heart.

Being young at heart means different things to different people but with each individual, it is a feeling that they are happy with their life as it is, they have their ducks in a row, and they manage to keep them that way, by the way, they live their daily lives. It would be hard to fake young at heart but I imagine it is done today with unlimited credit.

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