I Will Be OK


Take Care

When you’re unwell, do you allow others to take care of you, or do you prefer to soldier on alone? What does it take for you
to ask for help?https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/take-care/

I was brought up in a time when you just didn’t go to doctors. It had to be a life or death situation. If you’re having a heart attack or trying to deliver a baby sideways you might consider going to a doctor. A person called a vet for one of the horses before he called a doctor for himself.

Times were hard there were no health programs and very little health insurance to be purchased if you could afford it. So with that being the case you learned very early on in life that unless you’re very, very sick you soldier on alone and you don’t do any complaining.
That makes the others sick, listening to you.

I was very unfortunate to have a severe spinal fracture early in my life. That required others to take care of me, I really had no choice so I asked for help and I got help. In more recent years I had a low-sodium condition I could not do anything for myself. I called my brother and my son-in-law and asked for help. They could not pick me up off the floor. I was so weak, laying on the floor, couldn’t even crawl, was hallucinating, could not even begin to get up. They called the ambulance and had me taken to the hospital.

It is a decision time that everyone has to face in their lives, sometimes more than once. A simple decision, are you going to ask for help or are you going to soldier on alone. You must consider, it might be your time in life’s checkout lane and you could be be going out the door very soon. The chances are you might recover on your own, on the other hand you may not recover, you will go to meet your maker. It is your decision, you ask for help or do you prefer to soldier on alone. Most of us will prefer to soldier on alone and hope for the best.

Two years ago when I had a low-sodium condition the hospital I was taken to found nothing wrong. Their emergency room must have missed checking sodium levels when they did lab work. They told me to go back home.

My son-in-law said, “Were not taking you home.” Your going to the Veterans Hospital and see what they’ve got say. So I was taken to the Veterans Hospital, first to the emergency room, then admitted and taken to a room. I was moved to critical care after one day. I spent over a week there. I was told they hadn’t seen many survive with sodium numbers being that low. I had a high temperature, hallucinating, severe pressure and fluid accumulating in the brain, then got pneumonia.

It is pretty evident if my son-in-law hadn’t made the decision to ask for help I might not be doing any blogging right now. It’s all fairly simple and straightforward. I would have decided to soldier on alone.

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