Honesty Is Always The Best Policy

Is it possible to be too honest, or is honesty always the best policy?
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That is a very good question. The dishonest answer to the first part is very easy to come up with,”yes”. The only problem, it is the wrong answer your not being honest. Little or big, lies always come back at some time, soon or maybe later on in your life. They will always come back and bite you right square in the rear end. That is why I do believe honesty is always the best policy.

Little three-year-old Bobby climbs up to the top of the refrigerator by using the drawers in the kitchen cabinet as a ladder, a very intelligent young fellow. Everything is going fine for him until he drops the lid off the cookie jar onto the floor. So he decides it’s time to forget about the cookie, he climbs down real quick and closed those drawers. After awhile he’s playing in the other room and his mother’s in the kitchen and she says, “Bobby, did you break the lid to the cookie jar?” Bobby says, all I know it fell on the floor.” Mom asks, “How did it fall on the floor?” Bobby’s reply, “well I don’t know.” A little while later he goes back in the kitchen and he says, “I’m sorry I know you told me not to climb the drawers to get up to the cookie but I did it anyway and I’m so sorry, I won’t do it again.” His mom says, “Thank you for being honest. We didn’t want you to get hurt falling from the cupboard while reaching that cookie jar. I hope you learned a lesson, honesty is always the best policy, take a couple of these cookies with you and go back to what you are playing with. ‘Thank you again.’

The Armed Forces Committees, Secretary Of Defense, Secretary of State, Attorney General, CIA Director, Vice President are all meeting and deciding on action whether or not to invade a country. Everyone is supposed to share their brilliant knowledge with the others at the long table and come up with a plan to go to war or not to go to war. One General spoke against it, he has decided to take early retirement.

The CIA Director claims it will be a slam-dunk, a cakewalk. We have others on this committee with the opinion that our troops will all be greeted as liberators as they march into the capital. There should be better evidence for reason to invade, solid proof has not been found. In order for us to do this I believe we better go beyond our committee and have the Secretary of State make a speech at the United Nations that will unite all of our allies and Americans behind us.

Honesty was being stretched like a super sized bungee cord. In their wisdom they must have decided honesty isn’t always the best policy, for the sake of the Nation.

Another example of honesty being the best policy might be a senator who travels from Washington to view the troops in a war zone. He reviews the troops along with the General in command. He shakes everyone’s hands and tells them how proud everyone is of them at home, they’re doing such a great job. And they have the full support of everybody at home, good luck on their mission and God bless America.

After reviewing the troops that Senator, and the General have a meeting of their own over a few drinks. The senator asked, the general, “Are things going as we had planned, as all the intelligence has said it was going to go?” Many of the people and Congress are getting very upset about the loss of life and the cost of this war. It keeps escalating more every day with no end in sight. The General tells the senator, “We had every hope that this war would’ve been over by now that hasn’t happened, we are at a point we have to continue.” The loss of troops has been staggering, keeps me from sleeping at night.

Senator, “Do you have any suggestions on anything else to do?” Senator replies, “All I can tell the other lawmakers in Washington is that things are going okay and we hope for an ending soon to this war. This isn’t being honest with the country but I think we have to tell it that way anyhow.” You folks in Uniform will have to figure out some way to slowly start drawing down our troop numbers and figure out an early exit strategy, the sooner the better.

General replied, “I hope the next committee planning a war is honest with them selves and don’t have their heads up their butts while making the plans. Invading is usually the easy part. The truth is you have to get back out too.”

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