Two Cake Eaters




Daily Prompt: Unexpected Guests – again

You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next.

Hello there, “I’m surprised to see you two are already here.” I thought you were coming tomorrow. My assistant should arrive shortly. We had to move our clinic out here to the edge of town because of noise complaints. Sorry, it doesn’t look much like a laboratory yet. This new line of mood altering drug causes some participants to get very loud.

I see you folks have already started eating the cake. How did you know that we are going to use cake as a way of administering the new drug? You should really have waited for us to get here.They must have told you at the office when you signed up for the program, about using cake. We have found that everyone seems to like cake, it will give you a better mood all by itself.

We are lucky to have you two sign up as soon as you did, we know the pay isn’t that much. You get paid quite well for just eating cake and other good food and relaxing out here while we keep a record of your mood swings. A lot of people do not want to take part in mood altering programs to test chemicals. So we are very thankful to have you as some of our new volunteers. We welcome you to the organization.

It is alright that you ate the cake, but a couple slices might impair your ability to want to speak. That is the first thing that this drug does, it takes away your ability to want to communicate verbally but there’s no problem there. When my assistant gets out here she will get you all settled in and you will spend the next three-week here on our little country estate so to speak.

What is it? What do you want, either one of you? Go ahead, you are making motions with your hands, gestures like, you would like to write, you want a piece of paper and a pencil? You do, “Okay I will see what I can find.”

Here is a pencil and paper, write a note if that’s what you want to do. One of them scribbles a note, faster than a court recorder, hands shaking.

I can’t read this very good. You say, sampos tome me restaura nt shorty? ” Oh, you were supposed to meet a real estate agent out here, he was going to leave some cake and other refreshments for you and to go ahead and start on them and he would join you shortly.”

“Is this correct?”

“Heads are both shaking, violent affirmative motions .”

It sure looks like you folks are in the wrong house. “Sorry about that.”

You only had two pieces of cake each, those drugs will soon wear off. You should be talking when your real estate broker gets you to the right house.

“I hope you have a good, rest of the day.”

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