What Is My Worst Quality

Daily Prompt: Flawed – all about me

What is your worst quality

What is my worst quality? That will be very hard for someone like me to answer being the humble person that I am. My very worst quality has to be not being able to recognize all of my good qualities. Because I have so many good qualities there really is no room in my life for any flawed qualities to come through and interrupt a very perfect life.

Some good qualities have tried in the past to compete with the other good qualities pretending to be better qualities and that does present a problem. That causes some confusion on just how good am I? Is it a possibility that one of those good qualities might be considered a bad quality? No, No, No there is absolutely no way one could be bad, all good qualities are good qualities, as it should be. Now I feel a migraine coming on. The good qualities have become competitive because I was thinking about bad qualities. What a shock to my system, I cannot do that again. If I do, I might find out I’m not perfect in every way after all. Though I do know, that cannot be possible.

My brother-in-law is a very calm, quiet, laid-back preacher. All knowing as he is, one day suggested that I be appointed for Sainthood. And I said, “What do you mean, I realize that I’m OK but why would anyone have me  nominated to become a saint.” He said, “Well Leland, you did marry my sister and I’m sure that qualifies you to be in the running.”

Life does get to be boring when some flaws don’t come along to interrupt the daily routine, everything always comes up sunshine and flowers and always viewing the world through rose-colored glasses. Oh my, life is so good here at the top.

This picture was taken on one of my best days!

Lee 2015 003


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