My Life Plan Is To Blog


“Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
Words of inspiration from the poet Mary Oliver.

At age 75 my life has been pretty well spent. In the family of things, I may have made some better choices. No regrets, that is a bad thing, I have no time for it. Life is precious, if we live each day with that in mind there should be no regrets. What I plan to do with the rest of my precious life, and it is all been very precious up to this point. I plan to blog and share different parts of my life with this incredible new blogging world that we are now living in. Leaving a little light for another’s path would make me happy.

I loved Mary Oliver interconnecting nature and life with the wild geese. I have watched two juvenile Canada geese as they fly around in courtship for one whole summer, getting to know each other very well. By the time they return the next spring they will both be committed to a lifetime of living, swimming and flying together. As soon as they arrive from the South that female goose will go to work building a nest, it might be located on a favored spot, the top of an old muskrat mound in a swamp somewhere. She will first hollow out a spot for her nest site then she will proceed to pull almost all of the feathers and down from her breast and line that nest for the eggs that will soon be coming. They will hatch in 25-28 days.

Her proud mate is nearby keeping watch over all of this activity, a protector for her if a predator should try to bring harm. She will fly off a short distance at times to eat, while the male protects the nest. If a snow storm should cover the goose and the nest, she will remain on that nest, until the snow melts. The day quickly arrives when those eggs start to hatch, they will have two or three sometimes six little goslings. They are very homely and covered with green fuzz, but their feathers develop very rapidly. They will find their way down from the nest and into the water within a very few days and they will start to swim. The female leading the way the goslings swimming in between the two geese. A very close knit family! They are fast developers and will soon be flying with their full adornment of feathers. They spend the summer flying out to fields where they can eat grass and grain that is fallen on the ground. They are all preparing for that fall flight south.

When fall arrives all of the geese will gather together from many different nesting places and they will get ready for their long migration trip. It takes some time, the noise on the lake becomes a roar at times. Their flight plans are all decided one day like magic, they will start to get up off the water. Thousands at a time, they will fly in a circular motion as they keep gaining altitude above the lake. They will continue in this swirling upward motion as if they are following a spiral staircase to the heavens above. They continue this  until the first flocks are up so high they are almost out of site then they will start their trip south. A very awesome thing to witness, the beauty of the wild geese,  as their life cycle is over in one place and they migrates to another.

Humans could all learn a very precious message, for their lives, their mates and for their families, if we would study the wild goose.


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