My Body Barometer

Daily Prompt: Climate Control

Climate Control: The idea that the weather and people’s moods are connected is quite old. Do you agree? If yes, how does the weather affect your mood?


Do I believe that the weather and people’s moods are connected? Yes indeed, I surely do. My mood is always best in the Spring because I live in an area where the winters can be long, cold, and very harsh. When spring comes, there is new life every where you look. I kiss the winter blues, or blahs, GOOD BYE, go be gone. My old achy body tells me about barometer changes hours before they happen. My body has been home to all of the arthritis family members for years.

All the perennial plants are peaking out of the still cold ground, the rabbits left a few tulips and ate the rest. Our family has Peonies and Rhubarb plants that have welcomed the warm Spring sunshine for over a hundred years. Apple trees are full of buds not fearing frost when the blossoms do pop open. Colorful cherry and plum blossoms will seem to come out overnight. It is just a beautiful time of the year, your mood has to get better, or your already dead.  Spring is also gardening time, the best fun, exercise program man has been able to come up with.

In the Spring you get to see all the newborn livestock and wild animals. Watching a new calf run, tail in the air for the first time is quite a site. A doe deer with a tiny fawn that is all legs. Two new lambs bumping their heads together, the ewe looks at them like, thanks for finally giving me a break. An old broody setting hen walking her newly hatched chicks, best to stay out of her way, unless you want your shoes dusted off. The mother duck with a string of ducklings swimming behind, makes a great picture. A pair of geese with their little goslings walking between them for protection, makes a predator think twice. The mother skunk even taught her cute little stinkers to walk single file behind her. There is order in the animal kingdom.

The long hot summers were a bother years ago you couldn’t get away from the heat of day or night we now  have air-conditioning. We can catch a cold almost any time of the year. Air conditioning is a good thing, used in moderation.

Winter is a great time of year for the young people, for those who love to go out cross-country skiing, down hill skiing or snow boarding. Ice skating for hours on the local ice rinks, until your nose is red and ears are blue. Maybe take a shovel and clean the snow off any place available, lake or pond. Winter and senior citizens is another story. Those old feet go from gliding across the dance floor to slipping and falling on sidewalks and broken bones.

The weather and the body. A change in the barometer can cause pain levels to increases or decreases. Every older person you run in to is going to describe in vivid detail what the barometer moving does to their aches and pains. Fish bite when the weather is about to change. Animals eat more as a weather change approaches.

Weather will effect people in different ways, so does the moon and tides. Ask any bartender if his crowd drinking at the bar act any different before a full moon. Most bartenders will give you a description of people bordering on going mad, getting rowdy and drinking extra heavy.

In any hospital maternity ward, the nurses will tell you there is always a peak of new babies born just before a full-moon.

In areas of the world where volcanoes or earth quakes happened.The animals in the vicinity started to show signs of awareness days ahead of the incident happening.


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