Pass Everything On The Table

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “No Apologies.” What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it?

My one guilty pleasure that I no longer feel guilty about, eating the remaining food from the serving dishes after meals.
It has possibly turned into a habit, hence the lack of guilt. I was raised to never waste food. We are in an apartment now, no longer have outside cats or a dog,  just woff, wolf.

Most food can be recycled into some very good leftovers with very little imagination, the main idea is to save money. So when we are done eating any meal, if there is some food left on the table and it’s a very small portion I will manage to put it into my stomach. If it is a very large portion it will be tomorrow’s leftovers or possibly the next days, many foods especially the pasta dishes seem to have a better taste the second or third day.

There was a time when I thought I had abbs, I surely didn’t want any extra weight on my stomach then, that would have caused guilt like sin. In those years I would have searched for an apology for putting extra fuel in the boiler. After you reach a certain age outward appearances move a little farther down on the list of priorities. The images of my abbs have faded, like a street corner tattoo. I guess my guilty pleasure of eating what is left on the serving dishes will continue unabated, with “no apologies.”

When I was a young man my stomach muscles were hard as a rock from working all day. Charles Atlas came along and told everyone about abbs and how to go about getting them. That way when you went to the beach the guys wouldn’t dare kick sand your face and all the girls would look, only at you. If you didn’t have huge abbs or wanted to work hard to get them, there was another way to make the girls look. You could put a potato in your bikini trunks, IN THE FRONT, not the back like one fellow did. Have to always read, all of the instructions.

The Whole Truth

Truh 2.jpg

Today’s WordPress prompt was: Truth Serum—You’ve come into possession of one vial of truth serum. Who would you give it to (with the person’s consent, of course) — and what questions would you ask?

I would give the whole vile to General Colin Powell, former United States Secretary of State, then proceed to ask him the following questions.

General Powell, “Do you believe that Saddam Hussein, Iraq’s leader, actually had weapons of mass destruction and the ability to use them?”

General Powell, you had the CIA director George Tenet sit directly behind you during the famous UN speech, he sat there for the world to see. “Do you believe his statement was true about the invasion of Iraq, “being a slam dunk?” “The invasion was also compared to being a cakewalk, do you feel that was true?”

General Powell, “Do you believe the war planners were running a fear campaign? Talking about weapons of mass destruction, yellow cake from Africa, mushroom clouds, poison gas. Was the media used to get the country fired up for war?”

General Powell, “Do you think the invasion of Iraq would ever have taken place without your speech being made to the whole world?”

General Powell, “Were you telling the truth when you made the famous speech at the United Nations Building in New York City about weapons of mass destruction?”

The following link will take you to the latest news, news about weapons of mass destruction.

Destined To Die I Live On.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other.”Write a six-word story about what you think the future holds for you, and then expand on it in a post.

My six-word story is:

Destined To Die, I Live On.

Seems, there is no rhyme.
Nor any reason.
Your on this earth for a time.
You will die in your own season.
Bad things happen to the good.
They stand out as they should.
It is no mystery, maybe God’s plan.
To make an easier path for fellow man.

Why Blog?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Million-Dollar Question.” Why Blog?

This is not my blogging computer. I still use an old laptop with VISTA.

Why do I blog? For the money. All seriousness aside I blog to leave my mark in this world, kind of like an old tomcat.
I’m no brainiac with knowledge seeping out of my pores, I could be considered a senior citizen. I should have had life experiences to share with others that might help them miss some bumps in the road that I have encountered. I was born into a home where there was no drawer full of silver spoons to pass out. I never managed to accumulate much wealth to leave behind, you will see why in the next paragraph. My hope is to possibly leave a legacy of writing.

I have always considered myself a jack of all trades and a master of some. The only formal training I ever had was in the United States Air Force when they turned me into a jet aircraft mechanic for four years. That would have been a very worthy profession for a lifetime but in my life, it wasn’t meant to be. My work experience covered everything from being a caddie at the golf course, to running the pro shop as a youngster. I did farm labor as a young man, five dollars a day. Worked on a commercial fishing crew seining fish under the ice and in open water. I was an apprentice offset press operator for a while, no windows or air. Did day labor to eat. I sold vacuum cleaners door-to-door for a very short time. Sold health and life insurance for two different companies, American Republic and Mutual of Omaha. I enjoyed the work but people always told me there sad tales of woe, having no money left over to buy insurance. Some almost had me ready to dig in my own wallet to help them out. Revelation! I soon realized I was not a very forceful closer and left insurance sales. I worked almost every type of job on highway construction, from flagman to paving machine operator, plumber’s helper setting up a brand-new asphalt hot plant. I ended up spending most of my life driving truck, gravel trucks, transport tanker trucks, refrigerated rigs running from coast-to-coast.

Why do I blog? With the life, I just described what else could I do? I was step-dad to four daughters and now we have thirteen grandchildren and fourteen great-grandchildren. I seem to have trouble keeping track. If I write something that can be looked back at someday by the grandchildren and they say, “my grandpa wrote that?” That might be my only mark left in this world so others would know I was here. I love life and try to find the humorous side of almost all situations. I have a good feeling writing down my thoughts and turning them loose on the computer screen for the whole world to look at.

When I was younger, if something was written in the newspaper that I didn’t agree with I got out my trusty pencil and paper and sent a note to the editor. There were several newspapers and magazines that got notes from my mighty pencil and notepad. When my handwriting gets cold it would be a chore for the CIA to decipher. I can just picture some of those old editors, reading my pencil written messages to them. They would get puzzled looks on their faces as they said, ” wonder what all of that is about,” before it hit the round file. This great, modern, electronic age has so many writing tools available, I feel like I have to blog. There could be no better time for blogging than there is right now. I hope to keep on blogging as long as I can. I just hope I can write something worthwhile, not that stinks up the place like old Tom the cat. My blog goal is making the day better for someone, with a smile, or helpful information that can be passed on.

Prayer Plant Moranta

We have had this plant in our house close to 30 years, it has been one of the best houseplants we’ve ever had. It has been re-potted several times, there have been many different cuttings taken from it through the years. Several large pieces were taken off just a few weeks ago, it was in need of some pruning. It will probably grow like crazy again. You’ll notice in the first picture there are a few tiny white blossoms. That is new growth starting, within about a week a large leaf will unwind at the end where that blossom is at.

prayer plant 003

This picture was taken around 10 PM with the overhead light on. You’ll notice nearly all of the leaves, are pointing up where the name praying hands comes from. They start raising up near sundown and continue all night long.

prayer plant 005

This last picture was taken around 10 AM, the morning sun is coming through the window. You’ll notice most of the leaves are now laying back down, close to horizontal.

prayer plant 008

A No-Brainer

What is a no-brainer? A no-brainer is something that requires little or no thinking. That must include in education, many young people’s minds today. The country seems to have been dumbed down for more than a generation. High schools have become high-tech institutions where our children are supposed to get an education. They have failed miserably by graduating some students who are nearly illiterate. The nation’s school systems have shown everyone that pouring more money into education with computer use has not worked very well. It must be a no-brainer that something is lacking with the students, the teaching staff, the curriculum, or all of the above. The dumbing down of America raises serious questions about the future of the country. Maybe we have become so complacent we are turning ourselves into no-brainers.

The high tech world today produces electronic devices that will do our thinking for us. The demand for devices that require minimum brain use has created a revolution in the electronic industry. Gadgets are being mass-produced at prices that everyone can afford. The no-brainer revolution is finding millions of brains in neutral all over the world. We have Independent, Republican and Democrat law makers in Washington DC. We elected them to serve us all. They have brought a new meaning to the term gridlock, as they refuse to work together. Each one has his own brain, ‘set on one thing; it is going to be my way or no way.’ What if they would actually work together for the good of the country? That should be a no-brainer! They just don’t get it?

When the United States was preparing to go to war in Iraq, CIA Director George Tenet assured President Bush that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. He said, “the case for weapons of mass destruction was a slam-dunk.” He could have used the term no-brainer, but it was neither one of those anyhow.

Human beings seem to have evolved to a point where it is easier to just kick back and relax when it comes to physical or mental exercise. We choose to let machines control our daily lives by having them do everything for us.The easy way is becoming the only way, that must be a no-brainer too. It is a shocking no-brainer that computer hackers will have the power to wage cyber wars in the future. They plan to be able to bring the most powerful governments to their knees. They can hack into military computers, disrupt power grids, throw the world economy into turmoil, and much more. We live in a world of brains and no-brainers

We now have a world of extreme opposites when it comes to dealing with the mind. Leaders who are high tech geniuses with brains running at warp speed, do the thinking for the people who prefer snail speed brain use.
This link lists some real brain power.