The Red Thread

I like to imagine
love can pull your essence like red thread
through the cold needle of my life now
without you.
From “Did You See The Sky” by Rachel Jamison Webster

He was laying on the roadside 20 miles from nowhere, He could barely move. He thought to himself I’m going to die here like a road killed rabbit. It was the middle of the night and raining hard. A voice started going through his mind, ‘I will never forsake you, I will never leave you.’

It seemed like hours before a car rolled to a stop right next to him. Someone in the car was saying there is a body here on the roadside. The woman in the car was a nurse, she wrapped him in a blanket to keep him warm. That nurse held him for a long time in the rain while her husband drove to get help. The ambulance crew finally arrived, someone said, “this fellow can’t move.” They got him loaded and sped off toward the nearest hospital.  It was a very limited small town hospital.

The doctor there did a bunch of x-rays, then he called a larger hospital. He said, “we’ve got a young fella out here with a broken back, T-12 L-1 what should we do for him?” The specialist replied, “raise the center of the bed with the patient on his back for three days, that should put the spine back in place.” If he can tolerate that, in three days move him to a larger facility. He heard the doctor’s phone conversation and the nurse say,”he’s getting shocky,” The Doctor shouts, “GET him out of here, take him to a room.” Once more he hears, ‘I will never forsake you I will never leave you.’ Three days later they moved him to a larger hospital.

There were many dedicated people on staff to take care of him at the larger hospital. He started physical therapy almost immediately. He walked out of that hospital after three months. With so many people helping him to survive, ‘why’ kept popping up, why am I still alive, why are they doing all this? That calming voice kept going through his mind. ‘I love you, I will never forsake you, I will never leave you.’ This young man encountered many more people during his lifetime who helped him in some way. There was always the question why? We all have a purpose to fulfill while we live in this world, yet we continue to wonder why?

I know this person well, we are connected by a red thread, body and soul.

2 thoughts on “The Red Thread

    • Thanks.
      Was one don’t tour Machu Picchu during a earthquake?
      You had good days in Amsterdam, me thinks.
      Thanks for the pictures.
      On traveling safety, if taking a cab in Bangkok spend the extra money and get one with four wheels. Traveling 60 miles an hour on a three wheeled scooter, weaving in and out of traffic, with a 400 pound driver, is not the best way to get across town. I lost the fried bananas from breakfast.


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