Prayer Plant Moranta

We have had this plant in our house close to 30 years, it has been one of the best houseplants we’ve ever had. It has been re-potted several times, there have been many different cuttings taken from it through the years. Several large pieces were taken off just a few weeks ago, it was in need of some pruning. It will probably grow like crazy again. You’ll notice in the first picture there are a few tiny white blossoms. That is new growth starting, within about a week a large leaf will unwind at the end where that blossom is at.

prayer plant 003

This picture was taken around 10 PM with the overhead light on. You’ll notice nearly all of the leaves, are pointing up where the name praying hands comes from. They start raising up near sundown and continue all night long.

prayer plant 005

This last picture was taken around 10 AM, the morning sun is coming through the window. You’ll notice most of the leaves are now laying back down, close to horizontal.

prayer plant 008

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