Lake Poinsett, South Dakota, USA

















Fishing was usually good.


Our old cabin

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Amber fish

Amber’s alligator !







24 lb. Northern Pike


36.5 lb. Carp


The Olson boys L/R Leland, Karlton, Harlan


cabin April 30, 2011 032.jpgcabin April 30, 2011 033.jpg

cabin April 30, 2011 003.jpg

2011 was another year of high water level, wind damage.




Archery Hunting Tips

One of many crossbow deer

One of many crossbow deer

If you are considering bow hunting for the first time, or even if you have already enjoyed countless hours in various tree stands, there is a wealth of archery hunting information available at just go to Google and type archery in the search box. Nothing can describe the feeling you get, as you become part of the surrounding environment in your camoflage hunting cloths. Birds get acquainted with you and you start to watch all the other little critters. A squirrel will find you and he will tell everything in the woods where you are at, then he will usually leave, if you totally ignore him. Kind of like a squirrel at a bar. A quiet camera is another thing to bring with you on your hunt, pictures will be valuable in the Golden years as memories and pictures take the place of being out in the woods.
1.Using archery equipment that fits you is very important, comfort and ability to use are key factors. There are different legal requirements in some states. Modern day hunters are very lucky; he or she can start out with a compound bow. Instead of the old long bowl like I got my first deer with. If you have a longbow with a 50 pound draw, you will find it hard to hold on target very long, unless you spend lots of time at the gym. If you are handicapped and have limited use of your arms you can get a permit to hunt with a crossbow in most states. My left shoulder joint disintegrated in 1985. I have used a crossbow since then, had to quit two years ago, not even enough strength for that.

2.Practice shooting you bow several weeks before your hunting seasons starts, practice from different distances but be realistic, no long-distance live shots. Nobody wants to cripple and loose an animal. Hunting from a tree stand you just wait until the deer is 20 to 35 yards away, practice to be on target at those distances. You will be able to send your arrow through the heart and lung area and not cripple the animal. Archery season is usually before the snow is on the ground. You don’t want to try tracking without snow, if you do, have strips of cloth to go back to when you loose the trail. If you change tree stand elevations, practice from each elevation, the angle of your shot will determine where you aim. If you sit on a bucket or a chair on the ground you still can have a rewarding hunt. Time just becomes a critical factor, the deer will see you about the same time you see it so you have to be ready. You can usually find a place to sit among low hanging evergreens, Side mirrors would be handy, and are probably on the market today. I can imagine one deer telling the other,”don’t go near that tree with the rear view mirrors.”

3.Plan to find your hunting spot several weeks to a year in advance. If you are lucky enough to be able hunt on private land and can build a permanent tree stand, build it a few months before the season. Have two stands to use depending on wind direction. The critters will forget about the noise and get used to the change in their environment. Make sure to build it safe, if you take flight from up there the landing is always hard. Construct your stand in a tree near intersecting deer trails if possible or on a main trail. Scout out the area first, look for signs of deer, droppings etc., a well traveled trail will be packed down and easy to see. DON’T put it too high up, don’t want to be shooting very straight down Your first trip up on the tree stand clear out small branches that will be in the way of a clear shot to the ground. You don’t want to be breaking any branches on the first morning you go hunting, or your deer will just laugh at you from a distance. If you have to use a portable stand on public land find the trees to use before the season, check them out for how the portable stand will work.

4.Always consider the wind direction as to where your scent will be blowing, masking scents are available to cover human body odor. You could bring a road killed stunk along, guess that would be overkill as far as masking scents go, and your wife won’t let you back in the house. If the number of days you have available to hunt are limited try to have a second location to choose from depending on the wind direction. If the wind is blowing your scent to the deer you might as well not be there, the deer will not show up and your wasting your hunting time.

5.Never relieve yourself from or near your deer stand. Plan to be situated quietly in your tree for at least an hour before hunting time starts in the morning. Go to your tree early in the evening, try to get to and up in your tree as quietly as possible. The deer will hear you QUIETLY crunching through the brush, but they will forget about it if you don’t scare them too bad. Learn to be quiet all the while you’re in your tree. No coughing, no blowing nose, you’ll learn to control a sneeze, no chewing noisy snacks, no smoking for sure, if you chew and need to spit have spit bottle, no talking if you’re sharing your stand with somebody. You could try to enhance your chance for a successful hunt with deer calls, doe scents or rattling antlers together.
Nov08_02 My largest deer with the antique crossbow[/caption]
I hope the best part of your hunt is getting out into the great outdoors enjoying all
the fresh air, sratings-share-javascript (5)mells, sounds, and sights you can take in.

My Small Subjects


This week’s Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge (CB&W) topic is Small Subjects. If it is smaller than a bread box, then it is small. If there is an elephant standing next to a skyscraper, then the elephant is small. It’s a matter of how your main subject looks in your photo.

Mathew and Mark

Mathew and Mark

Little Man Big cart and hat

Little Man
Big water buffalo cart and hat

Tutu The happy little Forest Service Dog

The happy little Forest Service Dog

My Happy Places

img040In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Happy Place.”

When I was young my happy place was the golf course. I loved the game of golf, it restored and revived me, you might say it drove me. My body let me down I can no longer play the game of golf, unless it’s on a computer.

Another place that always restored my groove was a hunting place, for deer, waterfowl, or pheasants. Another happy place was fishing, it could be from shore, from a boat, or off from our dock at the edge of the lake, even through a hole in the ice.

One major happy place was growing a very large garden, all kinds of vegetables, even asparagus. I live where there is about nine months of winter. My wood shop was one more place to find that old groove.

Cradle Project

Cradle Project

My body no longer allows me to find my groove in any of these places. I only hope that I will find my new happy place in my blog site. My Mixed Blog and I should get along just fine.

I was very fortunate to have several happy places.


Ladybug says:
I would like you to take three pictures in or around your home of things that are special to you. Tell me the story about it. Why is it special?

My brother Harlan his wife Carol, aunt Elma and my wife Rose Marie, my special family. I built the china hutch and shelf unit in the background and the kitchen cupboards. They are all special to me, built with my own hands.


Save Money On Gas

Gas prices are a lot lower this year but may not stay that way very long. You can do some very easy basic things to start saving money on gas. Examining your driving habits is a good starting point. Changing bad driving habits could save you the most money at the pump. There are some auto service and repairs that you can do by yourself without being a certified mechanic. You need to buy a service manual for your vehicle, basic tools, wrenches screw drivers and a tire gauge. These items can be purchased at your local auto parts store. This is a very small investment compared to one trip to Mr. Goodwrench.
1. Try lowering your driving speed to a slower but safe speed and watch your gas mileage increase. You may get some unfriendly gestures from motorists passing you, but you are saving the cash. If you decide to drive at a lower speed, give your rear view mirror more attention, watch for high-speed drivers running on cruise control with a cell phone in their hand.
2. Start checking your own tire pressure. Get an accurate reading, always check the tire pressure when they are cold or before you drive the car very far. A hot tire show a higher pressure. The recommended tire pressure will be in your owners manual or on a visible decals somewhere on your vehicle door frame. Most service stations have  air hoses. Smaller compressors are not expensive. You might as well have your own air compressor, handy for all inflatables. The correct air pressure in your tires will help save a lot on your gas bill and the life of your tires.
3. Another low-cost gas saver is changing the engine air cleaner regularly. Workers in the automotive section of your big-box store will help you get the right air cleaner. This is an easy project on most cars. If you hire someone to do it, the filter will cost more and you also pay for the labor.
4. Check your vehicle owner’s manual for service schedules and have service done when miles indicate service is due. Ask your maintenance people if they changed the fuel filter. Many service centers don’t change the gas filter as part of the service. A clogged fuel filter will rob you of many miles per gallon.
5. Give yourself a driving test the next time you’re on the road. You should always be driving with your eyes on the road way ahead of you. When driving in city traffic you can learn to time driving to get to the traffic lights when they are green. Stop and go driving takes more gas. Don’t race to the next red light and have to use the brakes to make a complete stop. Don’t tailgate the car in front of you. If he drives with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake you’ll find yourself driving the same way. When you pass another car use just enough acceleration to pass the car safely Don’t push the pedal to the metal, going into passing gear isn’t needed if you have room to pass. Bad driving habits equal bad gas mileage.
6. A bad cruise control can cause your engine to drink more gas. The next time you’re driving with the cruise control on, listen to your engine or watch the speedometer. If you’re on level ground and your accelerating and decelerating your cruise control is not working right get it checked out. Most cruise controls never will make your engine run like a steady foot on the gas pedal. Don’t use cruise in hilly country, drives your engine crazy.
Your air conditioner running will knock a couple miles to the gallon off your millage, open a window part way, or just use the vents. Keep your car light don’t haul junk around. Plan trips, the freeway trp is longer but you miss all the stop and go little towns. Local shopping, plan two or three stops instead of trips.
If you use a credit card for gas pay off the balance each month. Buy lower cost gas at pump your own stations, it probably came through the same pipe as the major brand.
If you live in a cold climate don’t take off with a cold engine but use common sense on how long you run the engine to warm the interior.
If you are driving an ‘old or new gas guzzler’, you might want to consider buying a newer vehicle that gets good mileage. A nice certified used car can be purchased for a lot less than a new car and saves you money on gas too.

These are some very basic and easy things do to help keep your gas expense down, it is still the big item in the family budge

Feeding The Poor Today And Everyone On The Planet Tomorrow



There should be a challenge to all nations, feed the poor today and everyone on the planet tomorrow. Great improvements in agricultural technology, new methods of land use and plant genetics have created huge increases in crop production. Brazil is a great example, they are becoming a world leader in crop production. They are farming millions of acres of land that was considered marginal a few years ago. Brazil’s agriculture plan could be used in many other countries. If those who have accumulated so much wealth from food distribution would just examine their hearts they can provide provide financial assistance to many developing countries. We have already seen this happening with the generosity of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. This changing world needs more men who will give back from what they have been blessed with. Worldwide regulations should be written to prevent speculators from driving up commodity prices on food grains.

Hunger and human greed have lived side-by-side since the first people appeared on this earth. Life must have been much simpler for prehistoric man, yet similar to modern man. Human nature and greed haven’t changed much. I can picture a group of prehistoric hunters killing a mammoth. It took all of them to kill it but the stronger hunters move onto the kill and start eating their fill and taking what they want for their own use. You would think there be would be plenty of meat for all to share from a big elephant, but human nature usually trumps sharing and compassion. The weaker hunter not wanting to meet the same fate as the mammoth stays back and continues to be hungry until the stronger ones get all they want and leave. Many people today grab all they can grab yet never seem to be filled. Real hunger has visited every era of mankind, today it has become a way of life in many countries.

In today’s world of plenty, there are more hungry people than at any time in history. Natural disasters continue to destroy crops all over the world. Population numbers have increased dramatically, increasing the demand for food. Some countries are so dry and poor they don’t have the means to even attempt to grow their own food. Many programs have been developed to enable other countries to start feeding themselves. Enabling people to feed themselves has to be the solution to global hunger. Modern day world commodity markets are only compounding the hunger problem. Food distribution programs find tons of food for the hungry being sidetracked into black markets or taken by military rulers for use by their chosen few.

Agriculture started with families raising animals and growing crops to supply what they needed to survive. If they produced more than they needed it was bartered or sold to acquire items that they could not produce. Family or community agriculture operations world wide will also create millions of jobs as it also grows new economies for developing nations.

World wide hunger and the condition of future generations isn’t considered much in the New Globalization and new world order plan. World demand and also speculators drove up the price of crude oil to new records for many years, helping cause the present-day global food crisis. The modern-day commodity speculators must have never gone to bed hungry, hunger teaches compassion. Profits for commodity market speculators are always much higher than the farmer who invests time and money producing the crop.

New world commodity markets driven by runaway greed cannot continue while the majority of the people in the world are hungry. The meek and hungry will not continue to sit quietly starving to death! A global food crisis can be averted with technology, cooperation and compassion