God Provides

God provides much for many people in many different ways, if they only would realize it. He always provides everything for those who trust him with their tithes and offerings.

Some people don’t trust God to provide for their daily needs. Satan guides some people to put their trust and faith in the use of credit for their needs. Most people find out that the bills become overwhelming. If they did attend a church there would be very little income left over to put in the offering plate. They might even ask the congregation for prayer and assistance while their new car is parked out in front of the church. Many people have their priorities mixed up and are searching for a way to turn their lives of debt around.

God provides for people at food pantries because some of the food was donated by people who felt blessed in their own lives, food stores also donate. Federal assistance programs offer infant care, rent money, food stamps, health care and even income. God and taxpayers provide all of these things. We have to wonder if God wants people to depend on these programs permanently? People have to decide what their real needs are if they want to feel happy and blessed with their lives.

God provides a special personal relationship for those who trust him with their tithes and offerings. People who give to God’s work from their gross income before anything else is bought begin a life changing experience. They will start to manage their money and time better. The things that they used to ‘think’ they needed or wanted change dramatically. They will quickly learn that God does provide, everything.

One fellow said, ‘he found a used fishing boat that was just like new but didn’t think he could afford it.’ The fellow selling the boat said, ‘I don’t know why I am selling you the boat for this price, I could get twice that much for it.’ Another tither said, ‘I have never bought a new car, God has always guided us to a good used car.’ ‘I bought enough new siding to do my whole house at a lumberyard auction for $300.’ “Yes, stuff happens and God looks out for those who trust in him.”

God will provide, anything and everything from widgets to wardrobes to those who believe. God also provides a health program. There is no guarantee of good health while living in this world. Walking with and trusting God daily brings better health, because you don’t have stress and fear bothering you daily. When a sickness or accident does happen to you, God heals through prayer too.

The key to how God provides depends on what we can be happy with. He wants us to be happy in all circumstances. When we finally trust the fact that God will provide everything, we will find his peace, a peace that surpasses all understanding. If you want to be free, your income should determine your lifestyle. You have to adjust to it or find ways to increase your income. God does not want you to be a slave to any lender and you don’t have to be. Your goal is true peace and happiness with your own personal lifestyle, determined by your means, not your wants.

You will never have peace or happiness, if you live a make-believe life built on debt.

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