Trees and Planting Rights

Should trees have rights? When a good landscaper is planning which assorted trees and shrubs to plant on some newly developed ground, they certainly must have their own rule book to follow. I know absolutely nothing about planting different trees so they will compliment each other. Which trees are doing the others justice as far as blocking cold wind, creating too much shade, or creating a combination of colors that stand out at various times of the year, especially in the fall.


My concern was for this lonely tree not far from our apartment window. I believe it is a red maple, a very nice tree. This tree just seems awful lonely to me. The only other trees nearby are long needle pine, blue spruce or white spruce and and one flowering crab apple. There is one bare naked tree way in the back ground, must be ash, the first to have their leaves drop off.

I thought I would share this tree with everyone and see what your thoughts are on the subject. Do you think it is a rather lonely looking specimen?

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