Night And Day

Wise Old Owl

Wise Old Owl

Ghosts and goblins
and other nocturnal creatures rule the night

the staring and soaring of the owl causes the rabbit fright,
he will be caught by a hawk after first light

the hungry racoon will find your sweet corn patch
what he doesn’t eat will be turned to thatch

the mink and otter dine on frog legs,
undetered by the frog still watching them

the weasel found a hen on the nest
you can imagine the bloody rest

the muskrat buisily digs up cat tail roots and
stores them for his winter survival cache

big juicy bugs smashed on your windshield
best to clean them off before they dry

the burglar is busy checking locks and windows
regardless if the folks are home or not

people look up at the full moon,
footprints got to be there somewhere

North Pole dwellers have very long winter nights
when the sun doesn’t quite rise

truckers move the freight by night all keeping logs
all the night thoughts are filed away for future blogs


sun comes up, give thanks, you have another day
make the most of your day, only going to get one chance at it

say hello to somebody, makes their day better
they saying hello back is your gain

love your neighbor, every day
love yourself too

eat healthy, get extra bonus days added to your life
we get better with age, extra days will come in handy

exercise each day, use it or lose it
go for a walk and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine

plant a garden, be amazed by the way,
watching things grow every day

make each day better than the past
we’ll never know which day will be our last

3 thoughts on “Night And Day

  1. Why did you think I’d be upset by this? I could give you a photo to go with the bugs on the windshield line that would make you ill! We hit a huge swarm of box elder bugs in South Dakota between Wall and Rapid City. OMG…every car on the road pulled over at the first filling station to clean off their windshields and grills. Unbelievable. I don’t think you’d want to use it as an illustration!!! I always thought that L at the front of your name was an i! I thought of you as Ig! Ha. What is your first name?

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