Scorpions The Size of Horses

“THIS IS A GLOBAL NEWS SPECIAL REPORT FROM LONDON”                                                                                                                                                                               scorpP007_052
The Worldwide Government New Agency has issued a SPECIAL REPORT warning people still living in the North American desert west. There have been stories for decades about huge scorpions. It is now a known fact, scorpions the size of horses are swarming across western North America. The scorpions are coming from the infamous place named Dead Lake. Scientists believe global warming and radiation have created the evil mutant scorpions. Each mother scorpion is capable of giving birth to numerous babies.

These huge scorpions have voracious appetites, they devour everything in their path. They cannibalise many of their own. Night vision cameras show thousands of them coming out of the ground and heading South. It is like they know there will not be much for them to survive on if they continue going East

Most of the people died or left the area around Dead Lake decades ago, making it a desolate place. There is nobody there or anything left to fight the scorpions with after many years of war. The Army of scorpions is marching mostly south with nothing to stop them. Around-the-clock satellite images show they are making fast progress heading toward Mexico.

The scattered military forces that remain in the southern states will all have to be moved to the Mexican border area and work with the Mexican Army. It will be the last chance to stop the scorpions before they enter Mexico. If they can be stopped and held in the desert, their cannibalism will help win the battle. They will continue to find more food as they move into Mexico’s agricultural and populated regions. If the scorpions are not stopped they will continue their invasion all the way to South America.

Dead Lake was a huge underground cavern at one time. It was a nuclear waste dump site for many countries to use for years. It ended up becoming a Lake. Those underground caverns should have been covered with 50 feet of concrete years ago when nuclear dumping ended there. Out of site out of mind was the rule of the day, for nuclear dumping at that time.

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