Christianity Today

A mother’s love for her newborn child is only surpassed by God’s love for all of his children. God’s love, that agape love is unconditional; God continues to love us in spite of our actions. The life that each one of us lives, and how we treat one another is a result of how our lives were nurtured from our first day on. In God’s eyes parents have a responsibility to raise their children, to do onto other people, as they would have others do onto them.

A new baby is looked upon as a little angel by most people. In reality that new baby can develop into a little demon in this world unless the parents love and nurture it from the start. We humans could learn a lot by watching God’s other creatures. A mother hen leads her little chicks around showing them what to eat and where to go. When it is time to rest she protects them with her body and wings covering them to keep them warm. She will protect them from anything even as it meant the loss of her life. The mother duck does likewise with her ducklings. She will even feign a broken wing and act like easy prey as she lead a predator away from her nest. A pair of Canadian Geese will mate for life. I doubt if God ever created another creature more dedicated to its mate. It would take a very hungry, brave predator to try and harm one of their goslings. A mother cat catches food to carry home to her kittens but she doesn’t stop in route for lunch, she will eat after the kittens have all been fed. We are God’s “intelligent creation”but we don’t understand the very basic duties of life at times.

In this me society today, many children have to fend for themselves from a very early age as they are left in front of the television set. Violent television programs have now been outdone by virtual reality computer games. Some children are left to decide for them-selves which things will influence their future lives. Our country has seen some super sized negative changes taking place, in how people interact with each other. We talk about legislation to have teachers at school try to start teaching children about being good citizens, things they should have learned at home years earlier. Maybe computer type games will be the only way to teach children in the future. The loss of family values started in the home, legislation will not undo what has been taking place, or make people set things right with their creator.

The Bible teaches, God’s peace surpasses all understanding. How do we really comprehend such a thing? I can only think that is done through a changed life. When a person can be happy in all circumstances, that new life is beginning. Today we live in a consumer oriented society. People think that they need all the stuff that is constantly advertised, no matter where you are at, ads keep telling you, get more stuff. All this stuff we accumulate doesn’t satisfy us. We have to constantly replace it with newer models or better ones than the neighbor has. We have kept this shopping spree going until most of us are slaves to the lender. We are no longer free, or happy in any circumstance in many families

We consider ourselves to be a Christian Nation, because our forefathers founded this country on God’s principles, mainly the Ten Commandments. That is like me saying, I must be a courageous sailor because my ancestors were Vikings, yet I have never been out to sea. We complain loudly today about the loss of rights due to actions by judges and the congressional lawmakers. The loss of freedoms we have today were caused by government all right! We the people are supposed to be the government! We have become complacent by not keeping up with current events, when we do vote, we hardly know how to vote, because the video rental store didn’t have any movie rentals on who is running. An uninformed society in this new free trade, global economy is not going to stay strong very long. Our global neighbors will get tired of us using most of the worlds resources, with our credit cards.

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