Global Warming Creating Air-Conditioner Shortage

It now appears that global warming has created a huge demand for air-conditioning at the Arctic Circle. Some of the big Wall Street investment firms have convinced the Eskimos that they need to protect their igloos from certain meltdown by installing air-conditioners in them.

Air-conditioner factories will be working around the clock to keep up with the new increased demand for their products.

The first shipments of air-conditioners to the far north had to be returned because central air units were shipped. You can’t use central air without a central heating system. Window units will have to be used. How to get power to them has developed other problems. Extension cords were soon ruled out because there’s no place to plug them in. Those window units will all have to be powered by portable generators, they too will soon become a scarce commodity. Solar powered units have been studied but they would only work well for a few short summer months.

The standard delivery vehicles can only go part way to the Arctic Circle all shipments have to be finished by dog sled. Some union freight drivers refused to drive dogsleds or wear long pants. More salty, old-timers are needed for mushing to finish all those deliveries.

The portable generators require lots of gas and that too had to be delivered, which presented another problem. A dogsled with a tank for carrying fuel was developed. The Engineering Firm doing the design was only looking for maximum capacity for the sled, not the dogs. The tanker sled was to heavy for the dogs to pull. Finding bigger dogs wasn’t practical, it would take far too long to come up with super sized sled dogs. They mushed on with tanks half full.

Air-conditioning down in the lower 48 has some problems too but nobody can live without it. Mr. Willis carrier’s invention lowers the humidity so we can breath while it brings out a multitude of arthritis pain in some people. Happy medium is a hard setting to find on any air-conditioner, when there are two people involved. Air-conditioning has been good for most people, factory workers can now work in a comfortable environment, their coworkers bathing schedules are not as relevant anymore.

Commercial travel is so much nicer, private vehicles are much better. Before air-conditioning a cross-country trip by car with kids really built character. People can now drive their air-conditioned convertibles to the tanning salons.

Riding the elevator to the top floor of a tall building is pleasant now, well maybe for some, very short people might disagree with that. Those fortunate enough to have central air conditioning have been blessed much more than those of us with window air conditioners. Window air-conditioners usually get moved twice a year. You never forget the time when you strain to lift that window box into place, then you decide to raise the window just enough to adjust how it fits. Yes, the magic cooling box usually goes crashing to the ground. It’s not so bad if the window is on the ground floor. Most air-conditioners can’t survive a fall from the second floor.

Yes, life is much better today thanks to air-conditioners let’s hope there’s never a shortage of them.

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