If you had to live forever as either a child, an adolescent, or an adult, which would you choose — and why?

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I want to hurry and say I will live in eternity as a child when I reflect on the memory of my hugging grandmother. Most childhood memories are good because young innocent minds don’t look for, or dwell on the bad things that might be surrounding them. My childhood memories have far too many fights where dad breaks mom’s arm or jaw. Then the memories of him being taken off to jail again by the police. I think I will pass on eternity as a child.

An eternity as an adolescent could be fascinating and full of old adventures. Puppy love is a powerful thing when it’s brand-new and some of those innocent memories. Wow, serious commitment might change everything for an eternity. Adolescence always has you wondering about the future, maybe not eternity but what will I do with my life after school is over. Will I try to go to college, technical school, the military or just go into the workforce and start punching a time clock. I have to make a career decision I can’t stay an adolescent forever. Or can I?

I do believe I will choose living forever as an adult. I have managed to live a life so far without accumulating a lot of debt. You can’t take it with you but it’s nice not to have bill collectors knocking down the door. Living eternity as an adult has the handicap of working with a well used body, maybe on its last miles. If we believe in a God that promises we will have a new body one day, that will take care of the handicap. A new body for an eternity would have me playing golf everyday, no I would not get tired of it.

When we start out with our first baby steps we need someone to guide us. If we made those first steps to a loving, hugging grandmother we were very lucky indeed. Without even speaking she shared that we should treat everyone that way during our lives and we will get long just fine. Our eternity will be in good hands.

t’s writing prompt: “Golden Age.”

4 thoughts on “If you had to live forever as either a child, an adolescent, or an adult, which would you choose — and why?

  1. Hi there, and welcome to blogging! I really like what you’ve done with things so far. I’m just introducing myself. I’m Matt, and I look forward to reading your posts. Come check out my blog if you want!


    • Hi Matt,

      Glad to meet you, I’m a genuine newbie here stumbling around trying to find my way. I get settled in a little I will check out your blog

      My hands are crippled so my typing has been one finger for many years. I got a program now called Dragon that I’m using, otherwise I would’ve been about 10 minutes typing what I just said here. Thank heavens for the modern stuff that we have access to. Good to meet you I will keep in touch.
      Best wishes Leland


  2. I am also kinda in a situation like you.. I have enjoyed every phase of my life ..just the exams gave me hard times:p Even today when i see other kids in exam hall i feel – awww! Are the exams and competitions too necessary?!


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